Youtube Video Project

Here is a link to my video: Kelsey’s Video on Shutter Speed, Aperture, and ISO

Credit to the audio creator:

Thank you to Soyb on Bensound for creating Night and Day! This is the track that plays throughout the video.

Video Content:

The content of my video centers around the three camera basics, Shutter speed, Aperture, and ISO. This is the same audio I used for my podcast set in video format. I tried to demonstrate how each function worked through film instead of using images, which was a bit challenging but I believe the concepts still came across well.

Process of Making my Video:

The process of making this video involved checking out a video kit from the HCC, then finding good locations for shots and people to help me film the content. I went to eagle landing to get the shots that cover shutter-speed, and the rest was done around Ball circle or in my dorm. I then edited in a couple of graphics to make concepts more clear in post-production. I also added the initial audio of my podcast as the voiceover for the clips.

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