What I did: Final Project

Domain Expansion

For My final project, I advanced my online presence by fleshing out my main domain. I installed WordPress and actively created a proper website for Fayescorner.com. On my site, I delve into my finalized projects, research, and relevant coursework over previous semesters here at Mary Washington. My website focuses wholly on work I have done for Art History and Museum studies. I included sections that cover relevant essays, digital projects, curation projects, and about me/how to contact me.


My website tackles accessibility by ensuring that every image included has alternate text, and every block of text is well organized under a heading. Every essay written is downloadable, and, if anyone for any reason is unable to access the content, I have provided summaries and relevant images for each work within the post itself. The videos I have included have no audio, but I still included a written caption describing what each video is.

Media/Source Credit

I cover Media/Source credit in two ways: firstly, for my site-icon and header image, I have included footers that cite their respective sources. For each image I use that is not my own, I have credited them with captions. For my Curatorial work specifically, I have identification texts for each individual artifact.

Licensing My Work

My final project is licensed under  Attribution 4.0 International .

Information Accuracy

All information provided within this domain has been evaluated and approved by professors, as each work posted has been graded and well-received.

Final Project Link

Here is the link to my final project: Fayescorner.com , Enjoy!

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