Rastor and Vector Images

Site Icon PNG:

Poorly drawn house in black and white
Drawn by Kelsey Keith

Why I chose this image, and what it is:

This is the site icon I chose to use, while it likely is subject to change I was mostly focused on understanding the mechanics of creating and changing the file. I do like that it fits with the theme of my blog, and demonstrates my artistry.

How I made it:

I created this image using the pen tool on Vectr.com. I was able to change its pixel size and manipulate it as I chose. Again, it is subject to change as I get more familiar with the tools available to me. Hopefully this little house brings a bit of joy in light of its audacity to be so visually irritating.

Site Icon JPG:

poorly drawn black and white house
Drawn by Kelsey Keith

Header Image: JPG

a little house in a coffee mug, with the text "house rules" beneath it
Created by Kelsey Keith using template by Alina Sagirova on Canva

Why I chose this image and What it is:

This particular image I enjoyed because it has a cozy-fall feeling to it in terms of color and subject. Of course It helped that it stick to the theme and is very cute.

How I made it:

I made this particular image by creating a new design in canvas, setting my pixels to the correct count, and then selecting a design that I believe captured the energy I wished to create on this site. I changed the text beneath the mug to match my site as well.

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