Choosing My License and Pictures

Copyright License

I chose a copyright license that ultimately allows other creators to engage with, change, or add to my own work. I did this because I am comfortable with others utilizing my work to either further their craft or simply include it in something they like if they wish. However, my license does require that I be credited or at least acknowledged when the work is used in some way.

Image Selection

The image for my home background I selected is one I took and uploaded myself. The Hotel being a spot in Charleston, South Carolina, that I particularly like. The image of the house I pulled I simply liked because it follow the theme of my blog name.

Small, floating house in the sky. made to look like clouds, it floats about a plain of green grass.
Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay
Image of a pink hotel, spanning the landscape. It is framed by a few tree branches on the outer edges.
Image by: Kelsey Keith

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